We offer a monthly retainer arrangement for any client who may wish to obtain long-term and oft-recurring legal advice for their business.

Retainers are an extremely advantageous option for corporate and commercial enterprises that require legal opinions, drafting and vetting of contracts and regulatory compliance. They however do not include court proceedings. Such enterprises are advised to be prudent when it comes to having necessary legal protection, which is well-offered through a monthly retainer.

Each client may have separate needs for their retainer, which is why our retainers are individualized for each client’s specific business. Charges in a retainer arrangement accrue to much lesser than if you obtained the legal services falling under it individually.


For most of our legal services, we charge in the form of a fixed-fee. This may be In a lump-sum amount or In installments, based on the nature of the work. The fees that we charge are based on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the facts and the law to be applied.


We any charge you for ancillary expenses, such as court fees, stamp fees, travel etc.